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1- Living Earth NGO is a special advisory member of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) Its objectives are : to support the local initiatives: reinforcement of the capacities programming, sciences and institutional of coordination of associations of the young people, union of female co-operatives.

Mr. Seyid Ould Seyid représentant de l'ONG Terre Vivante  et IFAPA au Sommet Mondial sur la Societe d´Information

To initiate decentralized and participative programs of local development based on equity of the kind, the right to be heard and the good governorship.
To promote the North-South partnership and South-South, based on the regards of the human values and exchange experiences. Please for more information see the web site
Inter-Faith Action for peace in Africa

Working for Inter-Religious Understanding, through a continuous process of genuine inter-faith encounter, discussion, and consultation, in order to promote respect for each other's religious traditions, and refrain from denigrating them.

These commitments are based upon the religious traditions from which we come. They are solemn commitments to help us implement the Johannesburg Plan of Action. We intend to fulfill them. We pray that our hearts, our minds, and our bodies will be strengthened for this task, and that our work will be blessed with success. We pray that those who follow us, our children and our communities, will learn and benefit from these humble efforts of ours to eliminate the culture of violence, hatred and prejudice from our societies and to embrace the gift of peace for all in our continent. Extracts from the Johannesburg Inter-Faith Peace Declaration.

Mme. Khadijah Nur Barbosa représentant du Projet Matamoulana Cité Educative au Brésil

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